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Many different people with the same passion: nature.

All this, joined with the love for our territory gave birth to Pelagos, a cooperative of Elba that combines environmental education and planning, research and excursionism.
With our environmental guides we manage outdoor activities for schools, groups and individuals, supporting every type of excursion with the proper equipment.
We work with associations, local health authorities and non-profit organizations for the integration of persons with both physical and mental disabilities. In order to do this we propose social projects and we alternate outdoor activities with environmental education paths.
We collaborate in scientific researches of Universities and research facilities of all Italy.
We participate in the safeguard of marine life sustaining and promoting projects with the institutions.
With electric bikes, mountain bikes, kayaks, sailing and electric cars we promote forms of sustainable mobility.


We have always been committed to the environmental safeguard and to the respect of nature and its diversity.
We do it using our laboratories, organizing excursions and collaborating with schools.
We work all together to safeguard our natural heritage, because only in this way we can give the right value to the word “Cooperative”.


We are a group of passionate professionals in different sectors.
We can count on environmental guides registered at AIGAE ( Italian Association of Environmental Hiking Guides) and on park guides.
In addition we can also count on marine biologists, botanists, naturalists, geologists and international experts in mineralogy.