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"Whoever has, at least once, observed the beauty of nature with his own eyes is not destined for death but for nature itself.."
Konrad Lorenz

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Hiking and outdoor sports on the island of Elba: a universe of environments with a biodiversity unique to the Mediterranean: nature and history, geology, mines and minerals on the largest island in the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Mountain Bike all'Elba

Cala del Bruciato - Pianosa

Excursions, canoeing, and mountain biking on Pianosa: an extraordinary experience with both a professional nature guide and a park guide in this ancient penal-agricultural colony, an authentic reserve of natural beauty and historical/archeological culture.

Sailing and whale-watching on Capraia: the volcanic island of the archipelago in a harsh and wild natural environment; a dream among valleys and jagged rises, among steep, multihued rock faces immersed in the emerald green of a seemingly infinite sea.

Cala Rossa - Capraia

Giglio Castello

Nature trips and gastronomic tours on Giglio: journey to rediscover the authentic “island” spirit over routes sculpted in granite among antique ruins, breathtaking views and the traditions and flavors of a proud and ancient community.

Tours and guided visits to Montecristo Gorgona and Giannutri: on the most protected and safeguarded islands in the Mediterranean, rich in history and mysticism, immersed in the fragrances and colors of a luxuriant and varied Mediterranean landscape.

Tramonto in barca a vela

Etna in eruzione

Outdoor vacations which balance science and mythology in the parks and on the volcanoes of Sicily: from the charm of Taormina to the Alcantara Valley, from the pastureland and forests of the Nebrodi Nature Reserve and the Peloritani Mountains to the lava of mighty Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe.

Hiking on Sicily’s minor islands, the Aeolian and Egadi chains: Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Panarea, Filicudi and Alicudi land of volcanoes, pumice and obsidian. Favignana, Marretimo and Levanzo sculpted on a maze of grottos and jagged coastline on a sea now protected as a marine reserve.

catello di Punta troia - Marettimo

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